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Problem Statement

Problem 1

Most people live below
poverty line, with many
families living below USD
$2 in a day.

Problem 2

Economic challenges due
to lack of jobs, and
alternative sources of
income has pushed many
families to the edge

Problem 3

Shelter being a basic
human need, now seems
as a secondary need due
to the risen cost of
building materials


We are seeking to offer affordable housing solutions


Our shelter solution needs to be environmentally friendly


Solution needs to be easy to use, made from easily available materials, and offer basic habitable conditions like sound and thermal insulation

Behold, The Autoclave Aerated Concrete Block (AAC Block)

Features of the Autoclave Aerated Concrete Block

AAC World Use

The AAC Block has offered quite significant results in different continents as per the graph, but Africa lags behind. With scaling that we bank on Shelter Tech
Acceleration to offer us, we are sure to rise and be able to offer this to our local markets and in the end reach our dreams of making home ownership a reality.

Market Target 

Market 1: Rural Homes Traditionally, Africans prefer having a home that belongs to them, be it retirement home of town home, we will pride in offering this to the locals

Market 2:  High end developers offer sustainability, and opportunity to replicate the project and expand. They will need it ofcourse even more due to the low cost, and light weight.

Market 3: Peri-Urban & Slums We love in giving opportunities to places where they are needed most, and working to offer housing to low income earners is something we are keen to do.

Competitive Advantages of the AAC Blocks

Advantage 1

Our building material is light weight, meaning, it reduces the need to have over designed foundations and columns and beams to carry that weight and distribute to the ground

Advantage 3

It has good sound insulation due to properly designed vacuum trapped in its core during chemical reactions that produce it.

Advantage 2

Fire resistant borrowed from it's cementitious nature and availability of lime and sand which are poor conductors of heat. It is also stable thus seismic resistance to allowable minimum thresholds.

Advantage 4

It has a very high compressive strength, of between 500-700 psi, making it adequate to use as a construction eleme

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